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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Sep 8, 2018

Jeanette Wood is a mom to 11 and grandmother to 4. Her and her husband gave birth to six and adopted five. Jeanette, or Mrs. Wood as many call her speaks often on how we can positively change our communities and relationships. One of her most popular topics is the power of intentionality, and maximizing ordinary moments. She has spent the last twenty years being a personal mentor to thousands of people across the country as a speaker, coach, and consultant. Jeanette also  co-owns a multimillion-dollar trucking business with her husband in Topeka, Kansas called Covenant Ranch Trucking, where she is in charge of the marketing. She is also certified John C Maxwell Trainer and created her own LLC Seek do Teach to help small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses and their homes. Jeanette specializes in customer retention, branding, and communication  so that business can navigate their growth more purposefully. Mrs. Wood also serves in an advisory position at Children's Mercy Hospital. She loves to travel and has lived in a tent off the grid as well as a six bedroom mansion. Jeanette reads her Bible everyday and is enthusiastic about sharing the power of the family table. So much so that she has spoken on the research of reclaiming the family table and the power of meal time around a table with friends and family since 2012. Jeanette inspires us to live with eternity in mind no matter how massive or mundane the task may appear. 
Listen as We Talk About...
  • The power of the family table and “Recipes of Remembrance"
  • Why its so important to read the Bible everyday 
  • The power of living authentically
  • how her parents nudged her into adopting children
  • Incredible stories of adoption
  • Difference between vain thoughts vs. God’s voice
  • Why her husband changed her mind on failure 
  • why she takes more risks now than she did when she was younger
  • Why she rejects balance and prefers harmony
  • Her mindful approach to goal-setting
  • Why her greatest lesson is to be an independent thinker who sees power in collaboration
  • Why she surrounds herself with a lot of types of people
  • Why everyone is a role model, but personal authenticity is more important 
  • How she travels to become a part of new communities
  • Why business consulting helps her to fulfill her purpose 
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