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Feb 19, 2022

Shay has never thought that writing a book would be the hardest thing she has to do in her life.

She has to do a deep reflection of herself. Shay has to revisit her past actions, thoughts, and all that she did that led her to where she is right now. How can I help people to feel empowered? How do I help others not be paralyzed by fear so they can move forward? Shay knew that writing this book would not be an easy task, but that did not stop her.

With her genuine interest in helping empower young adults through sharing her experiences and wisdom, the “Be Better Than You” book was born. Published in 2021, Shay shares the lessons she's learned from her battle-tested trial and error, and the practical real-world examples that will guide you on your journey to becoming yourself. 

Listen as the interview on Understanding Your Purpose, Finding It, and Knowing When You Have Found It caps off with Shay talking about her book and her journey writing it.


Get to know more about Shay Stone: ⬇️

Know more about Shay's book "Be Better Than You" ⬇️


This episode should also include the following key 🔑 points:

  • Her book "Be Better Than You": for whom and what does it discuss?
  • Young adults' struggle to find and fulfill their purpose.
  • The writing process and challenges she encountered while creating the book "Be Better Than You".
  • Her thoughts on dealing with delays and being stuck while you pursue your goals.
  • The grander vision she has for the Be Better than you legacy.



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