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People of Purpose

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Nov 20, 2021

What are your current strengths? What areas in your life are you lacking? Are you working towards becoming a better version of yourself? Do you believe you have the power to make a difference? 

As Leo talked about peer groups in the previous episode, he now emphasizes that it may take an entire team and a collective effort to get things done but the power of WE actually starts with ME. Yes, it begins with YOU! It is how you speak out, learn, and grow from your mistakes that make the difference. 

As the interview on The Power of CEO Peer Advisory Groups and How It Can Make a Difference in Your Organization ends, Leo also talks about more of entrepreneurship and his bigger visions of the future.


Get to know more about Leo Bottary: ⬇️

Get to know more about Peernovation: ⬇️


Here are the other key 🔑 points you should look for in this episode:

  • What are psychological safety and its role in peer groups
  • How he simultaneously deals with being an entrepreneur and being a facilitator of peer group transformations
  • The bigger vision for his future
  • His best advice for someone in their 20s around how to seek find and fulfill their purpose
  • The value of mentorship in uplifting your sense of purpose


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