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Dec 17, 2022

"We can find joy and purpose in doing other things that challenge us consistently."

As we go into the second half of Nathan's interview, he discusses more coaching and mentorship. He discusses how he finds the right coaches and how coaching has benefited him personally and professionally.

Aside from being a multi-million dollar investor, Nathan is also a husband and a dad. Keeping his business afloat while maintaining a solid and intimate relationship with his family has been challenging. Nathan also discusses how he managed to have both ends work harmoniously together through open communication.


Listen as the interview on Accessing Your Greater Purpose and Building an Extraordinary Life Through Real Estate Investing caps off with Nathan talking about:

  • Accumulating wisdom through coaches and mentors
  • Finding the right coach specific to your needs
  • Growing past your bottlenecks
  • His advice in handling responsibilities and intimate relationships
  • Finding what he wanted and the issues closest to his heart


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