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Oct 18, 2017

Meet my mentor, friend, and primary concussion doctor who helped relieve so much of my bodily trauma from my fall at Yosemite National Park. I originally came to Dr. Andy in 2014 for trauma relief from my fall at Yosemite in 2011. After just a handful of appointments I noticed a tremendous reduction in the tension throughout my body and an increased sense of feeling integrated, whole, and coordinated.

After I suffered another concussion in February of 2015 Andy was the first person I came to. He very quickly stabilized my neck tension and headaches giving me a newfound ability to relax that I was scared I had lost forever.  Doctor Andy is the primary person to bring me out of three weeks of lying down in a dark room for relief. From over a dozen appointments with Andy, we have forged a personal relationship that I consider to be quite deep and meaningful. I see him as a mentor and friend every bit as much as I see him as a doctor. He’s the only doctor that I’ve seen for an hour then spent an hour sharing a beer over happy hour at a cafe next to the Mississippi River. 

Dr Andy Stella DC has been a chiropractor since 1988 focusing on various soft tissue therapies and motion chiropractic in his quest to help people heal. In 2003 he was introduced to a life and career changing new paradigm of hands on bodywork called Matrix Repatterning Therapy. He recognizes, finds and more permanently treats these tension patterns using two handed gentle compression therapy. Doctor Andy works has significantly reduced the symptoms of hundreds of people oftentimes as their last resort in concussion and bodily trauma.  His commitment to excellence with this technique has led him to having the most training hours of all the practitioners besides the teachers. And, he's not done; now sharing as a teacher also. 
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