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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Jan 4, 2020

Bowen Dwelle was born in 1970 and raised and lived most of his life in San Francisco. He now lives outside the machine, #homefree, and mobile in his van, spending much of his time in the high mountains of the American West.

He did not discover his purpose until recently. He fell into a first career in software at an early age because they had computers around the house and finds it very fascinating. He got good at working on it and there were a lot of interesting jobs that had to do with computers as the internet was just coming online in the mid-’90s. Even as he succeeded in his first career, he knew that he does not want to continue on that path. As Bowen said, “I didn’t know what my path was, but I knew that wasn’t it”.

Along the way, he managed to start a business on his own, a small conference that gradually became a successful business. He worked on it for many years that it became successful enough to be sold in early 2015.

The process of unearthing his purpose went in parallel with unwinding the depression that he had experienced for much of my life. He thinks it goes hand in hand. He was depressed because he didn’t have a purpose, and as a man, aimlessness is failure. He didn’t have purpose because his intuition wasn’t working—and for the same reason, he couldn’t move beyond his anxious and depressed state of mind. He couldn’t hear the messages or see the signs, so he didn’t know which way to go. As he gradually reawakened my intuition, he began to see indications of what mattered to him and of what was keeping him in such a low place emotionally. Finally, he emerged and was able to connect with his intuition, and with a sense of real purpose. 

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Listen as we talk about:

  • The meaning and power of intuition
  • How intuition works similarly with learning a new skill and how it needs to be consistently put into use to be familiar and good with it
  • How we are made to use our intuition over constant decision making that has been a big factor in anxiety and depression and anxiety
  • Advice on how to retire early and earn your freedom as quickly as possible
  • Tapping and speaking into the power of intuition in leading us to our purpose
  • Awakening through ourselves and making use of our natural abilities as much as we possibly can


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