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People of Purpose

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Jun 18, 2022

“No matter how prepared you think you are for the death of a loved one, it still comes as a shock, and it still hurts very deeply.” - Bill Graham

Losing a family member is arguably one of the hardest things we will go through. Nothing can ever prepare us for grief. Losing someone is like losing a piece of yourself. According to the natural flow of life, the children say goodbye first to their parents. That is why it feels harder when it is the other way around. You can never imagine the pain parents have to go through in this unfortunate event.

But have you ever thought about what siblings go through in such an occurrence?

Usually, the parents mainly receive the condolences and the emotional support. But how about the sisters and brothers left behind? Are they receiving the same support they need in these times of grief? As a result, Zander Sprague ended up writing about his own experience in his book Making Lemonade: Choosing a Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling. Additionally, this opened him up to pursue and create a more epic journey for himself and others.

Zander Sprague is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, Amazon Best-Selling Author, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). His mission is to help millions of people make the EPIC choices that create an EPIC life.  

In this week’s episode of People of Purpose, Tanur and Zander will talk about his sibling loss journey.


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These are the other key 🔑 points you should look for in this episode:

  • Why he is called the “God of Enthusiasm”
  • Joining marathons and how it helps him tap into his sense of purpose and find joy and enthusiasm
  • His first book “Making Lemonade: Choosing a Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling”
  • How he lost her sister and how it ignited his sense of purpose
  • Why EPIC begins with 1 step forward


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