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Apr 28, 2018

Silvia’s biggest passion is showing people how their emotional pain, their challenges and struggles contribute to their growth. As a young girl, she was growing up in a destructive environment which carried violence, drugs and alcohol abuse in different forms. After she completed her bachelor's degree, she knew that she needed some massive change, something crazy and life transforming. At the age of 22 she grabbed her suitcase and moved to the U.S. with $500 in her pocket and a dream in her heart. She was obsessed with changing her life and helping her family in her country. Even when she struggled at the beginning and was far away from what we call the "American dream", she knew that life isn't only black and white and if she can fix her mindset and see the world differently, she can change her life. She started to educate herself, she read a lot and she studied her own behavior. One question which triggered her mind more than anything was "How can we handle pain and struggle better and thrive in life in spite of challenges?" 
About 2 and a half years ago, she launched her blog "Courage Within You" where she was sharing my stories, experience and knowledge with others. She knew that she found a lot of support in reading and learning from different self-development giants so she decided to do the same. After 2 years of blogging, she self-published her first book Courage Within You and now is in the process of building her own coaching business.   



Listen as Silvia and I talk about:
  • The one question to ask yourself to shift your perspective on struggle

  • How she learned empathy through struggle

  • Why vulnerability is a strength

  • How pain can motivate you

  • How she learned empathy through struggle

  • Why vulnerability is a strength

  • How pain can motivate you

  • How you can take more responsibility for yourself by studying your feelings

  • How the law of attraction is working to help Silvia make a difference in the lives of others

  • How writing can help you to better understand your feelings

  • A step-by-step process to examine and accept your pain

  • Why forgiveness is her biggest success

  • Overcoming fear by using fear to scare a fear

  • The challenges and opportunities of being an immigrant

  • The power of consistency

  • Why she began writing and sharing her story

  • The Idea behind her Mastermind and Course - The School of Courage

  • Silvia’s morning routine

  • Why meditation has changed her life

  • How you can participate in Silvia’s missions


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  •  My blog from my 15 months in Thailand -My blog



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