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Apr 1, 2018

Jivasu’s (Pradeep Kumar) teachings are called Naturality. Naturality is to ‘to live according to our nature’ and ‘walk our own path’.
The core of Jivasu’s teachings is about the fear of death (and life) and the emergence of the ego in response to that fear. The ego helps us to escape the fear of death and promises us an illusory immortality. This illusory immortality is needed during the early stages of life but we must eventually go beyond the ego in order to experience freedom from fear.
Born in 1956, Jivasu was trained as a pediatrician in India. He and his wife, Karen (his teacher) served in the remote villages of Uttarakhand Himalayas for thirteen years. While living at Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh, India, he experienced his first awakening, which came to full fruition twelve years later in an experience of ‘wholeness’ and ‘freedom from the psychological fear of the death.’ Eventually the process culminated in the realization that death is an illusion. The mind and body die but consciousness is immortal.
Currently, he is teaching courses about Naturality (Sahajta) and the fear of death and life in Canada, India, Ireland, Barbados and Dominica. He also teaches acupuncture courses for the Contemporary Acupuncture Program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
He conceived Expansiveness Meditation (Braham dhyan) and the Breath of Dissolution (Kalajayi pranayam), two elements of the Naturality teachings. He also teaches that all spiritual experiences have a biological basis. When the brain is cleared of its memories and emotional scars, it will connect to and clearly reflect the universe within and around us.
Jivasu is the author of many books including: Meditation: A Path of Relaxation, Awareness and Expansion of Awareness, From Death to Immortality, Naturality, Science of Naturality, and Offerings in Longing and Love.



Listen as Jivasu and I talk about:
  • How a 5 year stay at a Hindu monastery helped him to overcome his fear of dying


    How Fear prevents you from discovering your purpose


    Why having a healthy identity is essential to discovering yourself

  • How to know your natural personality by examining your body and asking certain questions

  • The stages of enlightenment that come from Naturality 

  • The feelings you get from living out your purpose within your true nature

  • How each of us must open our own, unique door to fully explore one's Naturality and purpose

  • Why religious, group settings prevent one from fully understanding their purpose

  • How his Eastern and Western cultural help him to discover his Naturality

  • Why he has decided to be a family man instead of a monk

  • Thoughts on good teaching

  • Why he doesn't care about a following

  • How to educate children in today's culture

  • Why one should take the path of least resistence to discover Purpose

  • Why yoga and meditation are necessary tools to get started in Naturality

  • Why one no longer needs yoga and meditation once they are living their Naturality

  • The science of yoga, meditation, and Naturality

  • Why science is the universal language of the world

  • How to get involved in Jivasu's upcoming immersive, Naturality courses around the world

  • Listen as Jivasu leads a guided Inner Light meditation to conclude the episode

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