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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Nov 9, 2019

Two years into creating and hosting People of Purpose, I sustained the podcast through challenges such as an intensive one year master’s degree and teaching Residency program, the startup of a three state, three partner real estate investing business, and making the decision to get engaged, married, and move back to Thailand. And now People of Purpose has a team of five! Listen in this interview as I reflect on the different stages and challenges in my journey of purpose the day after my Thai fiance received her visa to the U.S. 

 In this interview I was in Bangkok and interviewed by my valued friend Nikita Yatchenko while he was visiting family in Moscow. I think our interview captured so many of the challenges people who are on purposeful paths are facing. Topics like staying true to the goals you’ve made to yourself as you and your circumstances change - pursuing money within purpose - maintaining self care while having an enormous amount of responsibility. These are each so important to develop a stance toward and have a proactive plan in place for how you will handle all the shifts that come when pursuing a personally purposeful path. I absolutely loved sharing my thoughts and experiences on these pressing and impactful topics. 

 Listen as we talk about:

  •  How Tanur and Nikita met
  •  The beginning of Tanur's purpose journey
  •  Staying true to the goals you’ve made to yourself
  •  Personal integrity
  •  Pursuing money within purpose
  •  Maintaining self care while having an enormous amount of responsibility
  •  Sharing his experiences
  •  Sustaining the podcast



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