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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Mar 21, 2020

Quinntin Ruiz

Since Quinntin Ruiz was seven years old, he had the ambition to become a doctor and find a cure for Downs syndrome (DS). He worked hard enough to earn his way into Pomona College, the #1 ranked college in the U.S. according to Forbes, and to do research at the University of California, Irvine, one of only two colleges in the U.S. that specialize in DS research. However, after over eight hundred hours of research, he was disappointed with the inefficiencies and the slow progress of academic research. 

He thought there had to be a better way and chose to pursue the startup path. After running major marketing campaigns for HomeHero, a venture-backed startup dedicated to helping families find affordable in-home care for their loved ones, he was hooked. He fell in love with the fast-paced nature of startups and looked to accelerate the difference he made in the world and donate a large portion of his earning to aid in DS research and towards effective altruism charities. 

He created his first startup called Cartpool when he was nineteen years old, an on-demand food delivery startup for college students. This was at the time when PostMates and UberEats were just starting to enter the market. He raised over 6-figures from an angel investor and expanded the startup to eight colleges in southern California. After realizing the business was a “race-to-the-bottom” economic model, he decided to shut it down three years later.

For a year, he worked as the COO of Rasur Foundation International, a nonprofit dedicated to helping parents overcome adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) so parents don’t pass that pain on to their children. There, he helped create a product niche, grow the team, and automate sales and marketing systems. 

Currently, he is a co-founder of Hero International, an education startup dedicated to helping empower a thousand purpose-driven entrepreneurs to build sustainable companies in the next five years. His startup was considered one of the top 10% of companies that applied to YC Startup School and 1% of company profits are donated to Kiva, a non-profit focused on empowering low-income entrepreneurs from around the world to grow their businesses. 


George Lantay

A lifelong student of the human experience, George began his journey in meditation at the age of 7 and started facilitating
transformational work professionally at the age of 15.

After spending 6 years working in 5 psychology research labs studying optimized work culture, working in numerous positions
facilitating teambuilding and leadership development, and
teaching martial arts, meditation, and dance all in and
around the #1 ranked US psychology school UNC Chapel Hill, George spent 2 years traveling learning from personal development masters around the world and realized that
what he had found was 10x more effective than anything he
had seen in psychology and organizational development
work in the US.

Upon this realization, George founded Hero University with
the vision of creating a place where people could have everything
they need to become purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Through the use of advanced emotional intelligence training alongside inner storytelling, the course he teaches personally empowers entrepreneurs to create the emotional reality of what they want to build to drive business results and impact for the people they serve.


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Listen as we talk about:

  • Finding purpose outside the traditional college system.
  • Why we must surround ourselves with the people we want to become.
  • Their personal takes on entrepreneurship and how we are all entrepreneurs at some level.
  • Their curriculum for young entrepreneurs on Hero University: Getting past our adverse childhood experiences through storytelling and emotional intelligence.
  • How the best leaders make decisions through intuition and the available tools to develop this consciousness.


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