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Jan 29, 2020

Jim Thebaut is a Los Angeles based documentary filmmaker and the president of The Chronicles Group. Jim has applied his distinctive storytelling and visual style over a multitude of topics including history and true crime, but the last two decades of environmental upheaval have demanded he focus on the growing threat and unforeseen impacts of climate change. Since the creation of his non-profit media company in 2000, Thebaut has been making films to raise awareness of coming to the global water crisis, food shortages and the resulting dire effect on international security. 

Thebaut’s catalogue of documentaries on climate change has awakened and activated a large audience. These titles include “Running Dry,” The American Southwest, Are We Running Dry,” “Beyond the Brink,” and “California’s Watershed: Beyond the Brink.” 

Throughout his career, Jim Thebaut has written, produced and directed an array of prominent, socially significant productions, including his 1992 Cable Ace Award-nominated "America Undercover" documentary for HBO, “The Iceman Tapes - Conversations with a Killer.” He has also produced A&E’s “Bad Cops” and “Execution at Midnight.” 

Thebaut was the executive producer for the CBS television dramatic special “A Deadly Business,” which exposed organized crime's involvement in the toxic waste business. He also directed/produced the documentary for Public Television, “The Cold War and Beyond,” which explored the Cold War brinksmanship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

Prior to Thebaut's film career, he was a Regional Environmental Planner and responsible for numerous Environmental Impact Statements, Energy and Environmental Planning studies in Washington State, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. Thebaut holds degrees from the University of Washington, San Francisco State University and UCLA.


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Listen as we talk about:

  • How climate change and other environmental crises made today as the most dangerous periods of the world and how this is interconnected to us living in a common ecological system.

  • The importance and power of media in communicating, educating, and raising awareness to people about dire issues that have severe environmental impact.

  • How Jim as an educator and a regional environmental planner uses his body of work to point out environmental issues and implement solutions.

  • The role of global partnership, societal unity, regional planning, and collective contribution in developing lifetime solutions to save humanity.

  • How you can contribute to your little ways of saving our planet, our only home.


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