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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Oct 26, 2019

This was Greg's second time being on the podcast, and we were so glad to have him back! He brings so much wisdom and faith to the table! He often offers a new perspective and thought process that makes us want more! He has such a positive influence on us and we hope you enjoy this interview just as much as we did!

 After more than 30 years in business, owning as many as 14 businesses at one time with hundreds of employees, Greg found himself under the influence of Head Trash when the Real Estate market crashed. In denial, Greg made decisions that ultimately cost him tens of millions in capital and a year in prison. Going from massive success to the brokenness of failure, Greg came face to face with the ‘head-trash’ that had blocked his decision-making process and left him isolated as a leader. Now, Greg trains high-level teams the 4 essential GETS if they want to Break through the barriers of Head-Trash. Greg takes leaders into a training environment he calls The Practice Zone where these four essentials can be intentionally developed for success. 

 Greg is the author of 4 books and his 5th book, entitled “Circumstances Lie”, will be released in the fall. His first book, “Broken, how being broken unlocked the greatest success of my life”, details his life, leadership, success and the entire story of his legal battles and prison. It’s a brutal story with extensive details Greg journaled in prison and how his return home sparked the desperate search for a new belief system and significance. Greg is a speaker, author, trainer, and coach but his ultimate mission is building teams of Christian leaders who are pursuing their Highest Created Purpose by training together in the Practice Zone Leadership environment of small group networking. You can follow Greg on his journey through:


 Listen as we talk about:

  • "We don't have to have all the perfect ideas or be able to execute perfectly today, what we need to do today is go into training."
  • "We need to develop the skill of how to share and how to sharpen, because we can't see the label of the jar we are in."
  • "Your greatest strength, often, is also your greatest weakness."
  • That we can be vessels and branches that spread the spirit of God to create fruit for the kingdom
  • How his definition of success is to make an impact on people that lasts
  • Wanting people to know, without question, that they were on the journey to fulfill the kingdom purpose that was meant for their lives
  • How what we accept becomes what we believe
  • How to get through the battle field of life





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