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Oct 12, 2019

Mimi writes on health, faith and book publishing and is the author of various books including, ’Live Your Best Life by Writing Your Own Legacy.’ After decades of working in the corporate and medical field, Mimi’s life and health crumbled and fell into a big heap due to burnout. It took various medical emergencies before she started paying attention to the nudging of her Guardian Angel. His prompting brought on a career change and helped Mimi write six books in quick succession. She is now living her dream as an author. 

Her first book, ‘My Story of Survival’ aims to help, inspire and encourage people who experience serious health issues. She wrote this book after she suffered major medical emergencies and survived due to a miraculous diet garnished with oodles of faith. Mimi’s second and fourth books, ‘Mimi’s Book Launch Plan’ and ‘The Holy Grail of Book Launching’ were written as a thank you to her launch team. In this book she shared all her secrets to help support entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, fellow writers, self-publishers and Indie authors. 

‘God Healed Me’ and its accompanying Journal were written to give credit and thanks to her Creator for her healing and to make prayer time easier for her readers. Mimi confesses to getting a solid kick up the bum from her Guardian Angel and explains how and why this happened in her sixth book; ‘Live Your Best Life by Writing Your Own Legacy.’ She’s currently writing ‘How I Broke My Back In Three Places And Why This May Be A Good Thing.’ This life altering event occurred earlier this year and is turning around her life for the better.

Mimi likes nothing better than helping her readers turn their story into a fabulous legacy; making it the very BEST it can be. She lives with her family in a tree-house overlooking the bay in Queensland, Australia. Mimi works from her recliner with industrial strength ear mufflers on, and this is how she’s become an international bestselling author and popular inspirational speaker with her books ranking #1 bestsellers in over 40 categories.

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Listen as we talk about:

  • Faith is more powerful than people give credit
  • If you’re in trouble ask for help - SOS
  • God is always giving
  • How from her bedroom she can share with people all over the world
  • How where people are is where their purpose is
  • "Keep dreaming"



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