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May 25, 2019

Eric Morris has been teaching his unique acting system in Los Angeles, New York, and around the world for fifty-three years. His approach to acting is to teach actors “how not to act” but to become "professional experiencers".  While his techniques are solidly rooted in the method, he has gone far beyond the original precepts of the Stanislavski system. Eric has created over three hundred exercises and techniques to liberate the actor so that he can be "free to act". In addition, he has innovated a complete system of craft that addresses and fulfills all the obligations of dramatic material. He likes to say that "the craft leaves no stone unturned".

A  Northwestern graduate, his acting career spans over sixty years wherein he was able to appear in over fifty Equity plays, twenty major motion pictures, and fifty network television shows. He has written seven books on acting, placing him among the most recognized acting teachers in the world. His books including  “No Acting Please”, “Being and Doing”,  and “Freeing the Actor” and they are used in hundreds of colleges, universities, and acting schools all over the world.

In his most recent book “A Second Chance at Life,” Morris transforms his proprietary acting method into a therapeutic tool that can free people from crippling emotional obstacles, repair their trauma and enjoy a life of happiness and success.  Learn about his classes at and find “A Second Chance at Life” wherever books are sold

 Listen as a we talk about:

  • How Eric's new book isn't just for actors, it's for everyone
  • The techniques that help a person escape from the damage they've experienced
  • How by challenging his self image, Eric unearthed a new part of himself
  • How by comparing himself to others, he failed to take notice of his own success
  • The mantras he lives by: Stay hungry, keep reaching, & never get self-impressed
  • How he wants to move to a new hemisphere in life
  • How as an actor your instrument is you
  • The #1 technique is to repair the damage
  • How Eric views money and why he isn't a paper chaser
  • Eric's relations to Jack Nicholson and Arnold Schwarzenegger



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