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Apr 13, 2019

Dr. Ian Connole is committed to the pursuit of excellence as he seeks to connect, contribute, and create in small ways that can make the world a better place. He joined Dartmouth College as the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Peak Performance in August 2018. In this role, Dr. Connole oversees the development and implementation of programs and services designed to position student-athletes across 35 sports to achieve the highest levels of physical, intellectual, and personal growth during their Dartmouth careers. Specifically, he leads an interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts in strength and conditioning, sport psychology, sport nutrition, sports medicine, leadership development, academic counseling, and career/life skill development.

Dr. Connole is also a Partner with the mental training company Vision Pursue, where he serves a wide range of individuals, teams, and organization seeking to pursue excellence by helping them optimize their mental training. His consultations and speaking engagements allow him to teach lessons from sport psychology, mental training, mindfulness, and resilience to youth, college, and professional sports teams, corporations, and tactical athletes. His vision is a world where people of all fields and walks of life are able to optimize their mindset, brain functioning, and psychological processes in order to live and perform with purpose and fulfillment. To achieve this vision, Vision Pursue has created a training program that is currently being used by NFL, NBA, and MLB teams, hedge funds, insurance agencies, police departments, large corporations, schools, and universities. The training includes daily app-based practices that are available to the public through both Google and Apple app stores by searching Vision Pursue. He’s giving PoP listeners a free 12-day trial and monthly discount if you sign up using the access code “POP”.

Previously, Dr. Connole served as the Director of Sport Psychology with the Kansas State University Athletic Department, where he provided comprehensive mental training services for all varsity student-athletes, coaches, and teams. Dr. Connole holds a string of academic credentials as a former student-athlete at Skidmore College who then earned a master’s degree from Cal State Fullerton in Sport Psychology/Performance Enhancement and both a master’s degree in Community Counseling and a doctorate degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University. He is also a member of the United States Olympic Committee’s Sport Psychology and Mental Training Registry.


Listen as we talk about: 
  • The importance of dealing with failure
  • Why excellence in performance is so key to a meaningful life
  • Ian's recommendations on how to get past our cultural individualism and inclinations to separate our experience from others
  • What constitutes a great community
  • How to resolve the disconnect between competition and cooperation
  • Ian's 3 Principles for Success 
  • Insights into his specific gratitude practice
  • Why we must separate who we are from what we do
  • How to find mentors and how to feed those relationships
  • Why purposeful reflection has become so important to Ian and how he does it

Resources mentioned:

  • Ray Dalio - Principles
  • Ray Dalio Ted Talk
  • Ken Ravissa


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