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Jan 5, 2019

Andy is a Bay Area-based conscious entrepreneur who envisions a world in which technology supports humans being. A digital native who struggled with tech addiction for over a decade, he is currently working on Siempo to give people their lives back and help them flourish. Siempo's first product is an  Android app that transforms your phone into a healthier digital experience. Andy is also passionate about finding creative ways to support transformative projects and inspiring young adults to pursue inner work. Follow Andrew on Twitter at @AandrewDunn.

Listen as Andy and I talk about:
  • How privilege gives him the invitation to take risks
  • Unpacking profound thoughts from his blog
  • Andy's feeling of being without wifi for the first time in 10 years while in India
  • The colonization of global capitalism through technology
  • How following his bliss and curiosities lands him where he needs to be
  • Why we need to acquire emotional intelligence to manage our addictions to social media
  • How Siempo (an Android app) is humane design
  • Why it's so hard to beat technology designed by experts on how to keep your attention
  • Tips and Tactics for meditating
  • Why life is all behavior design
  • Thoughts on mindful and ethical Artificially Intelligent design systems
  • Impact Investing vs. wealth investing
  • Why he's so optimistic for the future of our digital lives
  • Musings on how the internet economy may shift and why the irony of his app to get you off of tech works
  • His 60 second idea to change the world - A Japanese concept called Ikigai
  • Why the way we carry ourself is the most impactful way to change the world
  • The importance of not being attached to the outcome, but having equanimity through the process
  • How Andy has significantly deepened his meditation, mindfulness, and self care practices
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