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Nov 18, 2018

Russ is one of six children born and raised in rural Kansas. He was the first in his family to go to college. He graduated with honors in accounting and went to work for one of the big accounting firms. He married 3 years out of school. He was then self-employed for several years.
Russ moved to Chicago and joined the trading software firm, Trading Technologies in 1998. He was part of the executive team that took them from a 20-person startup to a successful 650-person global company. He served TT as CFO, CIO, Head of Global Support and EVP of Global Buyside Sales. Despite the success that TT enjoyed and having a great family of six, he found myself increasingly dissatisfied with work and life. He often found himself wondering “what’s the point of doing all of this work if it doesn’t feel any better that this?”
In 2011 Russ became the Chief Operating Officer of the hedge fund Emil van Essen thinking a new and more prestigious job would make him feel better. However, it only made me feel worse. In 2012 he read a book that made him believe that his dissatisfaction was the result of an internal and not an external problem. In other words it was based on how his mind was working or experiencing the external world. This was the initial spark for Russ's company Vision Pursue, or VP.
After years of studying and applying areas of neuroscience and psychology, Russ changed the way he was experiencing the world. He then started working on a process to help others make this transformation.  This evolved into an in-person training and app that is VP. Three other partners have joined Russ and together they’ve built VP. The VP team has been doing it full-time for the last 3 years and has a good client base of companies and sports teams. Vision Pursue has recently started working on its consumer program through their app.
Listen as we talk about:
  • What he thought happiness was and how that’s different now
  • How a book shifted his sense of purpose to be internal
  • Why we experience displeasure or escape 80% of our day and why Russ can change that
  • Why the passive approach to progress makes the opposite happen
  • The value in enjoying the journey
  • Why professional athletes are just like you and me
  • Why results are more likely to come with purpose
  • Why any transformation must start with experience
  • Scientific explanations that will make you think about your feelings differently
  • How to influence your systems of the mind to alter your patterns
  • What is SEE and how it makes us more aware
  • Why we must get our expectations in line with the way the world is
  • The Vision Pursue program and the details of the mobile app
  • My top recommendation for Russ as requested by him
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