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People of Purpose

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Sep 29, 2018

Andy Gonzalez has been the Co-Founder and Marketing Director for the Holistic Life Foundation, Inc. in Baltimore, MD since 2001.  For sixteen years, Andy has taught yoga to diverse populations throughout the world, including Baltimore City Public School students, drug treatment centers, mental crisis facilities, homeless shelters, wellness centers, colleges, private schools and other various venues throughout the nation and throughout the world. He has partnered with John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health and the Penn State’s Prevention Research Center on a Stress and Relaxation Study and is a published author in the Journal of Children’s Services. His work with the Holistic Life Foundation has been featured on Making a Difference, the NBC Nightly News, CNN, and CBS, as well as O the Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Upworthy, Mindful MagazineYoga JournalShambala Sun, and many other publications.  He is a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, maintains a B.S. in Marketing from University of Maryland, College Park and an MBA from the University of Maryland, University College.
The best word I can use to describe our interview today is love. Andy's authentic love for people comes through so strongly. His mind is full of creative insights and he has this rare ability to communicate his abstract and profound understandings because he is such a natural storyteller. The stories you’ll hear throughout this interview are absolutely incredible. From heartache to struggle, to euphoria, - Andy really captures you with all the people and circumstances that have shaped his purpose. He is all-around talented, full of childlike zest for life, and also simultaneously a wise, sufi-esque sage. What a unique person of purpose. I’m so happy and thankful that you have the chance to meet him. 
Listen as We Talk About...
  • His unique take on what respect means to him
  • How he knew that his partners and him were meant to do this work 
  • Why real peace is not found outside 
  • the role his education played in confounding and building out Holistic Life Foundation
  • how he made it through nine years of full time work without pay 
  • How to guide discussions on adversity 
  • the power of being vulnerable about your own suffering 
  • Why we already know who we are - how to play The Who Are You game 
  • why you can be anything if you have the clarity of vision
  • Structure and practices in their alternative to suspension and after school programs
  • what is a “love zombie” and how we can infect one another 
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