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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Jul 1, 2018

Barbara Stegenga and Robin Sizemore fulfill their purposes training children into mindful superheroes. If you walked into their classroom you’d find elementary school kids leading each other in a meditation and helping each other stay calm in times of need. These are not your ordinary heroes. These are SUPERHEROES. Barb and Robin, rather Batman and Robin, have been helping kids cultivate these skills through their Superhero Training and Supply program at their elementary school in Hammond, Indiana.  What started out with helping one kindergarten student is now a program that impacts the whole school, staff and parents included. They are each passionate about the power of yoga, meditation, writing to contribute to the growth of themselves and their love for their families.

Listen as we talk about:

  • How Robin found purpose through her daughter’s depression
  • How the purpose of suffering is learning
  • How a podcast episode inspired them to start Superhero Supply Co
  • The power of letting go of expectations
  • How their home life informs their training
  • The importance of being grateful daily
  • The power of writing letters to people without sending the letter
  • How Barb’s panic attacks brought her into purpose
  • The importance of relaxation in the learning process
  • Why teaching mindfulness helps them to learn and practice mindfulness better
  • The different kinds of meditations their children can lead and how they benefit students
  • What is writing meditation and how that helps kids discover their unique gifts
  • What it feels like to be aligned to your purpose
  • Why it all boils down to hope



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