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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Jan 15, 2018

Adam and Sam are 25-year-old freegans. They eat food going to waste and buy vegan only when necessary. They haven’t bought groceries since November 5th, 2016. They describe themselves as thoughtful and mindful. They try to focus on what’s important and cut out things that don’t matter in every aspect of their lives. They accomplish their purpose by repurposing food and objects going to waste to mindfully appreciate what they have and fight a culture of rampant overconsumption. Adam and Sam see consumerism, mindlessness and waste are interconnected. Roughly 40% of food goes to waste, thrift stores are packed with perfectly good clothes, and usable furniture gets thrown out every day. With climate change already impacting everyone, Adam and Sam see buying new products as destructive. Adam and Sam don’t buy things for the sake of having variety but rather out of necessity. As a result, they are appreciative and grateful for what they already have.
  •    Listen as we talk about:
  • How their partnership has been necessary to a year without groceries
  • How taking new routes home from work leads to treasures and makes life much more interesting
  • Valuable tips on how to live frugally
  • How they've created lives of congruency with their purpose
  • Stories of how they find and prepare their food
  • How their mission has spilled over to their friends and family
  • Why repurposing is a resource to help you live a better life
  • Privilege they acknowledged in their choice to live the freegan life
  • Why it's important to really examine if you need something.
You can find Adam and Sam and get involved with their missions on their website:
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