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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Dec 31, 2017

Joe Hishmeh is the Lead Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas. His purpose is to make God greater on Earth as he is in Heaven. Born in Wisconsin and raised by a carpet-selling family with ancestral roots in Israel, Joe wanted to spend his early twenties truly investigating if Christianity was true. As an inquisitive learner and a natural leader Joe eventually made his way to Seminary school in Dallas, Texas where he met his wife Cheryl. After moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee shortly afterwards Joe was looking to pastor a church with the intent of being a part of a major spiritual awakening in an American city. He came into a small church of 100 people that has now grown to over 2600 each weekend. But as Joe says, the church has grown smaller as it has grown larger. Fellowship Bible Church claims no denomination, instead focusing on shouting the shouts of scripture. Joe has traveled the world extensively in his studies of God, religion, spirituality, and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Joe is also the father of three children with his wife Cheryl. 
Listen as Joe and I talk about:
  • His journey into Christianity
  • His role as a pastor
  • How he rationalizes faith with logic
  • Routines and habits to feel closer to God
  • Highlights along his journey of purpose
  • Challenging topics such as abortion, suffering, lack of a denomination
  • Criteria he uses for voting
  • Being a minority of faith enmeshed with others
  • What the return of Christ will be like
  • What heaven is like


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