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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Dec 17, 2017

Daniel Rivera's purpose is to love others like Jesus Christ has loved him. Born and raised in Arizona, Daniel lives in Wichita, Kansas today where he is the district manager for Vector Marketing. In his career with Vector since 2011 Daniel has $3.7million in career sales of Cutco cutlery - the World’s finest kitchen cutlery. Daniel’s purpose runs deeper and more expansive. Daniel loves anything competitive and athletic, he likes dancing, attending concerts, traveling, and running/working out. He was a college baseball player and bowler. Today Daniele is a serial entrepreneur working in health supplements and In 2017 he began his involvement in Real Estate Investing. Daniel shows his love for others sponsoring children in three different countries as an office Team. As of our interview he has been able to influence his customers to sponsor another 5 orphans.

Listen as Daniel and I talk about:

- How a journey to Kenya led Daniel to sponsor orphans

- How he ties his sales business to sponsoring orphans

- What unconditional love looks like

- How Daniel sees his job as creating the next generation of leaders

- How adding value to others is why we need to become blessed

- Why looking outside of your comfort zone is so good for you

- Daniel's vision for an orphan weekend retreats and summer camp

- How social media can be a powerful accountability partner

- Actionable challenges to live out your purpose

- How surrendering your own ambitions and saying yes yields the highest fulfillment of purpose possible 

-----------------Resources Mentioned:--------------

Read these articles to find out more and get involved with Daniel's causes and serving orphans yourself. 

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