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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Dec 10, 2017

Today’s guest is Benjamin Tittle. Ben’s Purpose is to find balance between a life of service and personal wellness through the field of medicine. In this field which is constantly in a state of upheaval Ben knows, as a doctor that he will have to confront moral dilemmas and face loss of life. To survive he must hold close his purpose - a life of healing. 
I asked Ben to be on the podcast because he has such a clearly defined purpose and will one day be very busy and recognized that he may not remember us. He was clearly raised well and is a living example of how constantly pushing oneself towards ever increasing greatness is what lands you at your highest goals and equips you to take on even greater responsibilities demanding such a conviction to purpose. 
Listen as Ben and I talk about:
- How a traumatic childhood experience that led him to medicine
- Why the role of a physician is as a guide
- Why sociocultural understanding is a prerequisite to success
- Why taking time away from your ambitions is how you hold your purpose closer
- Why its important to have mentors from different fields outside of medicine
- Why medicine is like rock climbing