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Jul 16, 2022

As Shelby recovered from his health problem, he set his mind to a new vision. This new vision led to Azhen Sanctuary's birth. 

Azhen Sanctuary is a 160-acre off-grid sanctuary offering educational courses and workshops to help people buy land and be self-sufficient. He co-founded this with his brother, Jaymie Friesen. In this episode, Shelby gives you a glimpse of how this project started, a walkthrough of how it is structured, and how it continuously grows through the years. 

Shelby also shares their plans as he envisions the sanctuary as a space for teaching and skill building.


Listen as the interview on Searching For Truth With A Renegade Mind caps off with Shelby talking about:

  • How he grounded the vision that he created
  • Building courses and conducting workshops
  • A walkthrough in the Azhen Sanctuary
  • His plans for teaching and skill-building
  • How his purpose evolved through time


Get to know more about Shelby Friesen: ⬇️


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