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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

May 21, 2022

Are entrepreneurs born or made? 

It can be a combination of both. Some of you might have a distant memory of your younger self mowing the lawn, selling some cookies or lemonades, or shoveling pathways to earn a few bucks. Out of our young mind’s understanding, these little things are acts of entrepreneurship. As we grow older and gain knowledge, we may pursue further studies and hone our skills. 

Can you be an entrepreneur with a purpose in mind?

Definitely YES! This is what PoP’s guest, Ryan Allis, is all about. Ryan has demonstrated a keen interest in business ventures from an early age -- he has done landscaping for a local church, set up a computer business, and become a web designer. And as Ryan went to university, he explored more areas and met new people, and this is where he recognized the endless possibilities and opportunities ahead of him. 

Ryan is now the Chairman of Hive. His purpose on this planet is to build a global community of leaders committed to creating a better world. He was previously a technology entrepreneur and was CEO and Co-founder of iContact and led the company with 300 employees, 70,000 customers, and $50M in annual sales. 

In this week’s episode of People of Purpose, Tanur and Ryan will talk about his constant drive to create and be a part of the solution and help people actualize their purpose.


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These are the other key 🔑 points you should look for in this episode:

  • The role his family played in shaping his purpose
  • His constant drive to create and be a part of the solution 
  • His trip to Uganda changed his perspective on charitable giving versus investing in local entrepreneurs
  • The lessons he learned from his early years that he applies to his current focus
  • Purpose in his own words and what he has learned about helping people to actualize their purpose


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