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People of Purpose

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Jan 21, 2023

"I wanna live a life where I actually can look back and go, no, I did. I did all those things that I wanted to do. I achieved what I wanted. I built what I wanted." -- Ian Lobas


Diving into the second part of Ian's interview, he shares the beginnings of his Men on Purpose podcast and how it transpired into this movement that transformed the lives of thousands of men across the globe. 

Ian emphasizes as well as the importance of being present with your family. His "future project regret" technique helps him make conscious decisions, especially when it comes to prioritizing and making time for his family. Ian shares how they allocate funds for MME (Moments-Mories-Experience) to ensure they create the best possible experiences with the people closest to his heart.


Listen as the interview on Empowering Men To Free Themselves of Internal Restriction and Constraint To find Their Purpose and Live Their Most Authentic, Fulfilling and Regret Free Lives caps off with Ian talking about:

  • Finding advisors to trust
  • How he gets his family more entwined with his purpose
  • His podcast, Men on Purpose, business model


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