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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Apr 6, 2024

In the latest episode of People of Purpose, Tanur's close friend, business partner, and Chief Growth Officer of HomeGuru, Phil Louden, returns to the podcast spotlight. Together, they explore Phil's transformative journey as a connector and purpose-driven entrepreneur.

From overcoming discomfort with accepting compensation to recognizing the importance of seeking mentorship, Phil discusses his mindset shift towards valuing his skills and expertise.  Phil also sheds light on HomeGuru's impactful business model, aimed at empowering underserved families to achieve the American dream. The discussion also explores structured business operations and the transformative impact of strategic mentorship, exemplified by Gary Harper's framework.

Ultimately, the episode emphasizes the integration of purpose with entrepreneurship, illustrating how Phil's journey embodies the fusion of passion, connection, and financial success.


Explore all their topic highlights to gain valuable insights into unlocking your potential as a connector and purpose-driven entrepreneur.

  • Phil on discovering his talent as a connector and its value in bringing people together.

  • Hiis journey of overcoming discomfort with accepting payment for his services, recognizing his value, and shifting his mindset towards compensation.

  • The importance of seeking mentorship and connecting with inspiring individuals for personal and professional growth.

  • The concept of social capital in business relationships, emphasizing the importance of knowing when to invest in connections and how to leverage them for mutual benefit.

  • HomeGuru’s purposeful business model and their aim to empower underserved families to fulfill the American Dream.

  • Gary Harper’s structured business operations and strategic mentorship impact.

  • Creating a cycle of purpose-driven financial success by merging real estate and entrepreneurship


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