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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Oct 1, 2022

"Drink plenty of water" "There's no such thing as I can't".

Who knew that these words would birth a successfully confident speaker? These are the words from his father that Allen lives by - from spending the best ten years of his life with his father when he was young, staying at homeless shelters, sleeping near bus stops and motels, to finding his purpose to help others.

Allen Little is a now a Professional Speaker, Author, & Coach. He specializes in instilling Godfidence into individuals. Waking up a source of power in people that’s rooted in God. He’s given a TEDx Talk on the little voice in our head that can be found on YouTube. For 3 years in a row Allen Little was rated the #1 Coach based in Kansas City by Allen believes that the secret to success is keeping God first and loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

In this week’s episode of People of Purpose, Tanur and Allen will talk about how he developed into a phenomenal speaker and how he captured purpose through conversations.


Get to know more about Allen Little: ⬇️


These are the other key 🔑 points you should look for in this episode:

  • What is "Godfidence"?
  • His childhood and how he developed his speaking skills
  • Expressing one's true selves and building confidence over external factors
  • The gift of authenticity
  • Capturing his purpose through conversations


➡️ Want to know more about Allen's TED Talk? Watch it out on his YouTube channel at Allen Little with A Little Motivation!


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