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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Apr 4, 2020

Ernesto Gerardo 

Ernesto started real estate investing at a young age as he watched his parents buy, fix, and hold properties throughout Los Angeles County. They had section 8 tenants and market-based tenants and that showed him how to start projects from rehab to rent. After that, he owned a Martial Arts gym in Pomona, where he successfully trained kids and fighters, but because he had a negative partner, he decided to sell the business. Then he started back in real estate where he met Joe and Brent and Shining Light Housing was born.


Joe Lam

Joe Lam is an 8x award-winning filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur. He started his first company, Shining Light Pictures, a video production business that’s produced transformational films, promos, and documentaries for clients such as American Red Cross, United Way, California Highway Patrol, and Rotary Club to name a few.

Joe first began investing in real estate with his parents and brother buying land and building a multi-unit vacation retreat in Thailand called Village Green Retreat & Cafe. With a desire to make a long-lasting and sustainable impact in the opioid crisis facing the US, he formed Shining Light Housing with his partners Ernesto Gerardo and Brent Trotter. They now own properties in Los Angeles County and work with government and non-profit organizations to provide sober living homes for people in drug & alcohol recovery. 

Over the years Joe has supported numerous charities for children, abused women, and homeless shelters as a way to make a positive impact on society. He plans to donate a portion of the proceeds earned through Shining Light Housing to charitable causes.


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Listen as we talk about: 👂🏽

  • Their personal journeys on the real-estate business and how they have paired it with purpose.
  • Experiencing the best of both worlds on investment and purpose through Social Housing.
  • How their different visions led to their partnership and founding of Shining Light Housing.


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