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People of Purpose

Connecting people to their unique human experience through Purpose.

Jun 10, 2018

Simone and Malcolm Collins are co-authors of the book The Pragmatist's Guide To Life: A Guide to Creating Your Own Answers to Life's Biggest Questions. Their book is a ruthlessly pragmatic guide to creating your own answers to life's biggest questions.
Each of this book's four chapters covers one of the most important questions a person must ask themselves:
Rather than give you answers to these questions, this guide provides a framework that helps you develop your own answers while equipping you with the neuroscientific tools necessary to transform yourself into whomever you choose to be.
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • How can I best realize the purpose of my life?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • How do I want other people to think of me?
The book was created as the work of a nonprofit institution (, dedicated to helping people think through the big questions in life without leading them to a specific answer.  All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the nonprofit, and not the authors
Originally a neuroscientist focused on brain-computer interface and the evolution of human cognition (his work is on display at the Smithsonian), Malcolm Collins felt he could learn more about the way humans interact with the world and each other by pursuing an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. There he met Simone, his wife and co-author, who at the time was Director of Marketing at, managing a team of 20,000 freelancers. Together they co-founded the art commission marketplace, after which Malcolm became Director of Strategy at South Korea's most desired source of early-stage VC capital and Simone earned her graduate degree from Cambridge while working in VC. The couple now runs a number of travel companies (with a focus on Travelmax), splitting their time between North American headquarters in Miami, FL and South American offices in Lima, Peru.


Listen as we talk about:
  • What it’s like to find purpose 
  • Why the question of playing video games or studying for a test propelled Malcom into his quest for purpose

  • Am I really my future self?

  • How human consciousness has shifted over the course of evolution and has prevented us from fully thinking through our personal purpose
  • How a statistical and scientific approach can  manufacture love
  • Why they choose to apply thinking and rationality to purpose above other paradigms

  • An important question to ask yourself that may change the way you question and construct your worldview

  • Why they look for people and communities that they find offensive
  • How a nail salon turned into a guide and into a book 

  • How they believe after school programs can help kids check their beliefs 

  • Why they chose prestigious schools

  • Why they have to care what people think of them to fulfill their objective functions
  • Why it’s important to create a caricature of yourself 

  • Why relationships can bring you to purpose

  • How marriage is a force multiplier that fulfills their collective purpose
  • The three types of friends that help us achieve our objective function 

  • How they can help you get cheap international trips
 --------------Resources Mentioned: ---------------------


  • The Red Pill- documentary about a feminist's journey into the Men's Rights Movement





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